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Our laboratory is tackling with environmental problems from the view point of primary industries (agriculture, forestry, and fisheries). To solve environmental problems, how the human beings have been / are influencing on environment should be scientifically recognized. However, this is a half way toward the true resolution of environmental problems. We also should make spontaneous social response to environmental changes and make our social systems more robust and sustainable. For scientific analysis, we are dealing with various problems from the view point of behavior of water, material and heat. On the other hand, we started new research on information transfer and sharing in environmental problems. Those whoever are interested in true resolution of environmental problems are all welcome to our laboratory.



Takeo Onishi
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Hydrology、Soil physics、Biogeochemistry、Irrigation and drainage

2004年 京都大学大学院農学研究科博士(農学)
2004年~2006年 独立行政法人土木研究所CREST研究員
2006年~2009年 人間文化研究機構総合地球環境学研究所上級研究員
2009年~2011年 岐阜大学流域圏科学研究センター特任助教
2010年~2012年 岐阜大学応用生物科学部助教
2012年~現在 岐阜大学応用生物科学部准教授



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Phone/Fax: 058-293-2879